Here are a few frequently asked questions.
If you cannot find the answer why not send it in using the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll look at adding it to the FAQS!

How do I pay?

We accept Bank Transfers. Full details of our account is included on your email invoice.

We also accept payment by Paypal where you can use major credit or debit cards at no additional cost to yourself.

Do you accept returns?

Yes we do accept returns.

Full details of our returns process can be found here DEMICE RETURNS.

What are your delivery costs

Deliveries are made the Royal Mail and we use their "Tracked" system to ensure the security of your purchased goods.

Costs are £3.50 per item with FREE delivery for orders over £45.

Who makes the items?

It's me Bev who makes all the clothes myself at home.

I have made on of my bedrooms into a sewing room.

I do not outsource any of my sewing as I want to know that each and every item I make meets my high standards.

What clothing do you have in stock?

I don't hold any clothing in stock as it is all made to order.

Being a "Home Business" I have to keep costs down and I cannot afford to have lots of stock clothing about.

As I also offer so many different options such as cuff colours I would need a warehouse to store stock options.

Made to order works better for me!

How long does it take to make my order?

I aim to send your order out within 14 clear days.

I really like to get them sent out within 7 days, but I need to make allowances if I get a few orders in at once.

That is why every now and then you see that I stop taking orders so I don't disappoint customers.

Can my baby model your clothes?

I'd love people to send in pictures of their babies wearing my clothes, but I'm afraid I can't send out free clothes just for this.

I would however like to offer some discount to potential models of the future so send in your pictures and we'll get have a Facebook vote for model of the month.

The winner will get a discount on some of my clothes or I can personalise them a bit more.

Where do you get your clothes patterns?

I buy commercial patterns, but then I make changes that I think are required to them.

Most patterns are designed to make it easier to make the clothes at home.

Using my experience I am able to change the pattern so the clothes have a better fit and look. Harder for me to make, but something I am proud of when I have done it!

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