Hi I’m Bev

As a kid I often watched my mother get her old Singer Sewing Machine out and make clothes.

I soon became fascinated and decided that’s what I wanted to do. My older sister taught me to knit and so it began.

I’ve always knitted my own jumpers and cardys and quite often made my own dresses and clothes.

So when I left school I eventually got a job as a sewing machinist at S.R. Gents where I was trained to a high standard in all types of sewing machines as we made clothes for Marks & Spencer.

Then along came my two daughters. I made most of their clothes even though as teenagers their dresses were hardly dresses because of how short they were!!

Then along came my granddaughters whom I still make clothes for.

It is because I enjoy sewing so much that I decided I was going to start my own business from home.

I feel that homemade clothes are a lot better than the mass-produced shop bought ones as you know that someone has put care into making them.

As well as enjoying sewing I like to make my own clothing patterns and am always dabbling with new materials and styles.

Please have a look through my range of clothes and consider joining my mailing list or liking my Facebook page to get notified of special offers. (“Andy” my website designer who works from his little bedroom told me to say that bit!!!)